About Us

CharDes & Associates is the holding company for MPower Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

CharDes & Associates has been in existence for over 10 years and fulfils the role of Skills Development Facilitation for a loyal customer base spanning across all 21 SETA’s.
CharDes & Associates assists its clients annualy with the submission of their Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports ensuring that they receive the Mandatory Grant refunds due to them .
CharDes & Associates makes use of  MPower Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd to provide all training as identified by clients in their Skills Audits and Training Needs Analysys'.

Our Vision

MPower Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd strives to empower and uplift the workforce of our clients. We aim to continuously improve the quality of education and training and its related products and services by keeping abreast of all new developments in the education and training field. We strive to build lifelong partnerships with each client, by providing results driven interventions and solutions ensuring optimum performance of all learners. We strive to redefine investment in human capital. MPower Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd strives to represent Reliability, Focus and Quality.

CharDes Team