Forklift Training


Forklift Training (Lift Trucks)

  • OHS ACT Codes: F1 – F5
  • Counterbalance Lift Trucks
  • Reach Trucks


Who should attend?

Operators requiring certification in terms of the OHS Act, Operators with expired licenses, Novice Operators, Supervisors / Managers.


Contents of Training:

Identify and state the principles of operation of the Lift Truck; Identify and state the function of major components; Identify and state the function of controls; Perform all pre- and start-up checks prior to operating the Lift Truck; Correctly and safely refuelling the forklift; Perform all close down checks when parking the Lift Truck; Safe and correct stacking of different materials; Safe and correct loading and off-loading; General Safety Rules; to daily carry out a complete and systematic inspection and report faults; Describe the effect of centre of gravity and the combined centre of gravity on the stability of the truck.


Forklift Training (Lift Trucks)

  • OHS ACT Codes: F6 – F16

  • Pedestrian Controlled Stackers

  • Order Pickers

  • Side Loaders

  • Rough Terrain Trucks

  • Man Down Turret Trucks

  • Man Up Turret Trucks

  • Aisle Confined Stacker Crane (single & double reach)

  • Multiple Aisle Stacker Crane (single & double reach)

  • Container Stacker

  • Telescopic Reach Truck

  • Stradle Carrier