Crane Training

Overhead Crane Training

OHS ACT Codes: C30 – C31

  • Overhead pendant controlled

  • Remote controlled

  • Cabin controlled


Truck Mounted Cranes Training

OHS ACT Codes: C32


Who should attend?

Operators requiring certification in terms of the OHS Act, Operators with expired licenses, Novice operators, Supervisors and Managers.


Contents of Training:

The identification of different types of overhead cranes; The identification of the function of major components; The identification of the function of controls; Performing pre-operational checks prior to operation; Performing close down checks when parking the crane; How to prevent a load from swinging and how to stop a swinging load; Lifting equipment used with overhead cranes; Check and use the lifting equipment with the Overhead Crane; The correct lifting and manoeuvring of loads; Detailed safety rules; Mechanical appreciation and maintenance.